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Sotero Pintado has been in the family for generations. And when it is not just the vineyard that has been inherited - but also both vineyards and vines, then each cane becomes almost like a family member. You can sense this in these wines, which are in excellent balance and where there is no doubt that the winegrower knows every little branch and shot on the vine as if it were his own son or daughter. Therefore, he can take care of them with the right combination of love, competence and passion, and these are the crucial elements of Sotero Pintado tasting heavenly.

Fortunately, you don't need to know thousands of difficult words and phrases to enjoy a good wine. Because some wines just have so much charm and confidence that the taste speaks for itself. But it can also happen that a wine tastes so good and charming that you get an uncontrollable curiosity about how the winemaker has created such a miracle - and it gives good reason to delve a little into the history of wine.

From the large and distinctive prestige wine Sotero Pintado, which has dark fruit notes and a hint of chocolate, vanilla and pepper at the end, over ultra-charming Totem, which with its soft acidity and long balanced aftertaste is hard to get enough of - and to the versatile and hugely tasty Bravucón, which is uncomplicated and soft, but which still has a powerful punch in the end. The winery managed to put together wines that at the same time manage to please and charm, but which also impress, pique curiosity and make you want to dig deeper in the reddish, clayey and calcareous soil.

At the winery, we can help the good wine well on its way. But it is created on the vines in the field. That was the mantra of one of the predecessors of Sotero Pintado, and those words still apply. While the vineyards were planted 160 years ago, several of the vines are 130 years old.

Wine type : Red 

Vintage: 2018

Varietal:  100% Tinto Fino


Bottle size: 750 mL


Guia Penin 92