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Own vineyards, certificate of organic production comprising both growing and vinification procedures.

It's always wine o'clock! In order to obtain good wine, it is necessary to have good raw materials, that’s why we put our trust in our vineyards and take care of them with love. We are at the heart of Rioja Baja, fields with different types of soil and characteristics, such as La Plana de Turrás and Valcaliente, which give us different conditions. Our fields are unique places, located at 400 and 600 meters of altitude, where we grow white and red varieties. 65 hectares of bio-dynamic production, treated with care to get quality grapes. Our Reserva is a clean wine with great aromatic intensity. Red and black fruit and light tannins; smoked and spicy touches due to its aging in French barrels. When the glass is swirled, the wine opens, generating different sensations. Balanced, powerful and with perfect acidity. Sweet, enveloping and perfectly polished tannins. After tasting it, it leaves a long memory, with good persistence, appearing aromas of ripe fruit, spices and roasts. This wine has undergone a barrel aging process for 18 months and then, another 18 months in bottle. Enjoy the Burgundy lifestyle!

Organic Red Wine,. D.O.C. Rioja
Made from 85% Tempranillo and 15% Graciano grapes, all organic.
Alcohol content 13.5% vol
100% organic production. 
This wine was aged in French oak casks for a 18-months period, and afterwards remained in bottle for a minimum of 18 more months to undergo a harmonization process.

Tasting notes:
Visual: Wine of cherry red color with garnet hues and shades of orange at the rim, beautifully preserved. Nice density, clean and bright. Thick and very glyceric legs will appear, when swirling the glass.
Well-balanced, powerful wine with nice acidity. Presence of sweet, embracing and perfectly polished tannins. This wine is round and caresses the palate with soft and silky sensations. Each sip leaves a lingering aftertaste with nice persistence displaying retronasal aromas of ripe red fruit, spices and light toasty hints.


Gold medal from Berliner wine trophy 2022 / International wine award 2022 – 95 Par points gold