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Moscatel Hechizo (17%, Fernando de Castilla)

Hechizo means charm or spell in Spanish.

This Hechizo Moscatel is an atypical Moscatel in the sense that it merely touches wood and only has a very swift passage through a sherry aging otherwise called solera system. This makes it more similar to a Moscatel from Valencia or other regions, where the grape juice is only lightly fermented (or not at all) and aged without significant oxidative effects, whereas a solera typically provides more oxygen contact.

Nose: very fresh, floral aromas, typical of the Muscat of Alexandria. Hints of rosewater and pineapple cubes, tangerines and a little mango. Plenty of orange blossom honey and jasmin. Light vanilla cream.

Mouth: sweet, rounded and very honeyed. The sweetness is not overpowering, and it contains just a hint of acidity, making this a very juicy expression. Fresh oranges, flowery hints – very fruity and hardly any spices. Lychees on syrup. In the medium finish there is some heat from the alcohol, but not the bitter edge of some other Moscatels.

Winery: Bodegas Rey, Fernando de Castilla
Grapes: Pedro Ximenez 
Region: Spain, Andalucía / Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (Fortified Wine)
Alcohol Content: 17%
Contains: Sulphites
Bottle Closure: Cork
Climate: Subtropical Mediterranean climate
Soil: a white, light-texted marl composed of clay