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Ledes 2015 | Rias Baixas Spanish Wine

Ledes is a monovarietal Albariño white wine made by the Casa Monte Pío winery under the D.O. Rías Baixas, in Galicia, Spain.

Casa Monte Pío is a family winery located in the municipality of Ribadumia within the Val Do Salnés subzone where generation after generation transmit their values ​​and take care of their vineyards with the aim of making wines that summarize the hallmarks of their history, of their land. , where the Albariño grape reaches its maximum expression.

The clusters with which Ledes wine is made come from their own vineyards with sandy soils of great minerality and that have vines over 50 years old that are harvested manually in boxes of 15 kg capacity.

Upon reaching the winery, the grapes go through a second selection and ferment in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The resulting wine is aged for 12 months with its fine lees. With the cold of winter, the acidity of tartar is naturally reduced and with the mild spring climate, the malolactic fermentation of the wine is completed, which is finally rounded to be bottled at the beginning of the summer following the harvest.

The Casa Monte Pío winery does not usually draw its vintages consecutively. The vintage that goes on sale is the one that, after being tasted, shows an optimal moment for its release on the market. If a vintage has not finished rounding then it rests in the cellar for as long as necessary, all with the aim that each wine is in all its splendor at the time of consumption and respecting the characteristics that each vintage is marking. 

Serve at: 8.0 ° C
Pairing: Aperitif, Soupy rice, Baked white fish, Boiled seafood

Ledes Style 2015:
Young Cask, Light Body

Region: Rias Baixas
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Wine type: White
Grape: Albariño