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Jamón Ibérico Sliced Pack 100% Bellota at a CRAZY Price of $14 ONLY - Celebrating Rafa Nadal’s 14th Roland Garros Championship

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$14.00 SGD
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$43.00 SGD
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$14.00 SGD

LIMITED to MAX 3 Packs per Customer! WHILE STOCKS LAST!

To celebrate Rafa Nadal 14th Tennis Championship at Roland Garros, we are excited to present S$14 per 50g pack of the Premium Jamón Ibérico Juan Pedro Domeq 100% Ibérico breed Bellota Ham: the Jabugo Jamón. We love this brand of Jamon ourselves, one of the TOP in Spain!

From a 8.2 kg piece of Jamon Leg
Curation time is 42 - 52 months

Juan Pedro Domecq has been awarded stars and “Best Iberico Bellota Ham” by the Great Taste Award (the most prestigious award in the gourmet world industry) for four consecutive years.