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The acorn-fed Iberian salchichón is made with the distinguished Blázquez quality, and belongs to the elegant line of Admiration Iberian sausages. It has a touch of pepper endowed with an intense aroma of the extra-fine minced meat from which the Blázquez salchichón is made. When cut, a wide range of shades between gray and reddish can be appreciated, reflecting a meaty structure that will give rise to a sensational taste experience on our palate.

The meat of the Iberian Salchichón de Bellota Admiración belonging to the lean pork and seasoned contains a high level of vitamins. Where it is worth noting, the vitamin K content, helps to regenerate and strengthen the bones and tissues of our body.

  • Presentation: 400g packet sliced
  • Origin: Spain
  • Brand: Jamones Blazquez
  • Storage: Keep Refrigerated at 2-8 oC
  • Shelf Life: See date on package
  • Ingredients: Acorn Fed Iberian Pork Cured Meat, Salt, Spices, Preservatives