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Chorizo ​​vela ibérico de bellota  is a raw-dried sausage, each piece weighing around 400g. It has a cylindrical and straight appearance, with the typical surface of the natural small intestine of the pig. 

It is obtained from a mixture of minced Iberian pork meat, bacon or Iberian pork fat, salt and spices, kneaded and filled in the natural membrane. Aging ensures good stability, as well as characteristic color and flavor.

Excellent on a slice of bread with olive oil, next to a glass of red wine. It gives flavor and personality to specifically Spanish dishes.

  • Presentation: 400g packet sliced
  • Origin: Spain
  • Brand: Jamones Blazquez
  • Storage: Keep Refrigerated at 2-8 oC
  • Shelf Life: See date on package
  • Ingredients: Acorn Fed Iberian Pork Cured Meat, Salt, Spices, Preservatives