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Denomination of Origin: Rías Baixas.
Subzone: Val do Salnés.
Wine's category: Dry White wine.
Grape variety: 100% albariño.

ATTIS MAR 2018 | RIAS BAIXAS | Spanish Wine

The Underwater Wine - Attis Mar: This is Spanish Albariño at its most luxurious, beautifully golden and is brimming with depth and flavour. A very limited number of bottles have been buried for 6 months, 40 feet deep into the icy Atlantic Ocean. There, the wine undergoes a remarkable evolution and is simply extraordinary. And the resulting bottle is a statement in itself.

50 year old vines, spontaneous fermentation, 6 months of lees ageing in steel and oak foudres, followed by 6 months ageing in a bottle at a depth of 12m. The sea-ageing process lends an incredible depth to the wine whilst retaining the inherent stone fruit characters and youthful acidity.

5 stars reviews on Vivino:
“This wine is off the charts! Aged 6 months after bottling in a wooden crate submerged in a cool salt water harbor. Light nose but an incredible flavor and mouthfeel. The finish lasts well over a minute. One of the most unique wines you will ever enjoy.” 

Traditional pergola.
Selection of vineyards with 50 years old.
Soils of granitic Entisoles of Sandy-clay character.
Dominant orientation in the western part, looking to the Atlantic Ocean.
Organic viticulture, in part of the vineyard. 

Hand harvest picking in boxes of 15 kg perforated.
Selection of grapes.
Complete de-stemming and compress air press.
Setting the juice with cold temperature.
Alcoholic spontaneous fermentation with control of temperature (12-15 ºC).
Ageing on lees in steel tank and oak vat, for 6 months with “batonnage”.
Fining with isinglass.
Tangential filtration.
Ageing for 6 months under the sea, to a depth of 12 m.

Tasting notes:
Visual: Intense straw yellow colour, clean and brilliant.
A fresh wine, with a great persistence, a very fresh acidity, fat and fleshy. Full-bodied, salty, underpinned by a lingering finish.
The ageing under the sea contributes one fresh ageing, avoiding the oxidation and obtaining an unique wine to lay down, long potential of ageing.